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Audi TT cup 2015

The Audi Sport TT cup is an all-new race sports machine purpose built for the track. The 2 liter TFSI engine pushes out up to 340 HP to propel a weight of just 1125 kg. Combined with the race oriented geometry and setup of the car, this makes for one very responsive and exciting ride.

German racing ace, Markus Winkelhock, said about this new car “The TT cup is a genuine race car, ideal for rookies, yet challenging to drive." The car will easily follow your lead right up to the limit, but if you want to win you'll have to learn to tame it beyond that. Luckily, exploring the unknown is FUN in this nimble and powerful ride.

  • Germany
  • Year:2015
  • Power:310hp (P2P +30)
  • Weight:1125kg
  • Engine:2.0L Inline 4
  • Drive:FWD
Audi TT cup 2015