For generations, SIKU toy models have been motoring through children’s playrooms! And for good reason: dads now buy these toy models for their kids, and grandfathers for their grandsons. Thanks to their sturdy construction from die-cast metal and plastic components, these models are perfectly made for children to handle.

Sieper GmbH is a German small business (SME), founded in 1921 and with headquarters in Lüdenscheid. The fourth generation of owners manage the company that employs 700 staff in different locations worldwide. Sieper GmbH produces manual and remote-controlled toy models to various scales and under the brand name SIKU. The metal and plastic toy models feature authentic details; they are sturdy and have a host of different play functions. The development, construction, sales, administration and production divisions are located at the company headquarters in Lüdenscheid.

In addition, Sieper GmbH has other production sites in Poland and China as well as its own sales subsidiaries in France and Hong Kong. SIKU toy models are sold worldwide. The most important export countries include European member states such as France, the BeNeLux countries and Scandinavia. SIKU is also a well-known toy producer brand internationally like in China, Japan, Korea, New Zealand or Mexico.