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BMW M1 Gr. 4

The futuristic center engine BMW M1 was hand-built between 1978 and 1981 as a homologation special for sports car racing. Only 456 M1s were built, making it one of BMW's rarest models, but the design also makes it one of the most famous BMW's ever.

With its stunning looks and high revving, glorious sounding straight six, the BMW M1 is an iconic race car of the past. This Group 4 version was raced worldwide by privateer teams in endurance races. Compared to the one-make Procar version, this car has beefed-up components and a reduced rev limit, aimed at improving reliability.

  • Germany
  • Anno:1979
  • Potenza:465bhp
  • Peso:1235kg
  • Motore:3.5L straight-6
  • Guida:RWD
BMW M1 Gr. 4