Global Edition - European Championship DTM Rd 5
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DTM 2016 - Gold and Silver Class

The Global Edition is back again with two leaderboards being run on European circuits. The DTM 2016 leaderboard is for more experienced drivers that fit into the Gold and Silver class, while the WTCR 2019 leaderboard is for less experienced Bronze and Copper drivers. You can see examples of driver classifications here:

If you are new to Eracing GP Global Edition, do not worry, you can simply qualify by setting a time fast enough on the leaderboard. Depending on your times and experience, we will then determine whether you fit in the Gold or Silver category.

The top 40 Gold class drivers on the weekly leader board will automatically qualify for the group stages on Friday evening, with the remaining 8 slots invited by Eracing GP. If there are not enough Gold drivers on the leaderboard, then the remaining slots will be filled by Silver or unclassified drivers from the leader board.

With 48 drivers in Gold class, they will be divided up into two groups, who will race on a Friday evening. The top 12 from each group will then race in a 40 min final on Saturday after the Silver class races.

The top 20 Silver class drivers on the weekly leader board will automatically qualify for the race on Saturday, with the remaining 4 slots invited by Eracing GP.

After round 1, the top 8 in each class will automatically qualify for the next round.

You can get the regulations here

Driver Classification

There will be live streaming on Facebook at


Round 1 May 29th, 30th

Round 2 June 5th, 6th *

Round 3 June 12th , 13th

Round 4 June 19th, 20th

Round 5 July 3rd, 4th

Round 6 July 10th, 11th *

• Please note there will be a mid-season break after round 4

Weekly Timetable


2000hrs– Announce Circuit and open leader boards


2000hrs – Close leader boards


1700 Driver briefing

1800 to 1930 Silver & Bronze practice on their servers.

1900 to 2000 Gold Group A (2 x 20 min races)

2000 to 2100 Gold Group B (2 x 20 min races)

2100 to 2200 Copper (2 x 15 min races)


1400 to 1500 Bronze (2 x 15 min races)

1500 to 1600 Silver (2 x 20 min races)

1630 to 1715 Gold FINAL (40 min race) – Full Damage

Résumé des infos
DTM 2016
Grand Prix
10 meilleurs pilotes de ce classement
  • #1 Ayman Aqeem
    Temps au tour:1m 36.269s
    Inscrits: 17-02-2018
    Voiture: Mercedes-AMG C 63 DTM 2016
  • #2 Josh Purwien
  • #3 Muhammad Naquib
Classe: DTM 2016
Circuit: Imola
Tracé: Grand Prix