Pos.NomPaysTotal PointsManche 1Manche 2Manche 3Manche 4Manche 5Manche 6
1Julian Kunze6000100010001000100010001000
2Michal Smidl5700949.7950.7947.6962.8929.5959.7
3Alexander Dornieden5552.5933.7917.5905.6929.7954.7911.3
4Cristian Moisescu5509.3946.8910.8942920.9893.4895.4
5Giorgio Mangano5474.2924.6917.1939916.3894.7882.5
6Leslie Oliphant5437921.4884.5910.2919922.1879.8
7Marvin Otterbach5144.6880.3837.7877.9879.2861.4808.1
8Pascal Stix5065.7846.8847.3844.6863.1872.9791
9Dirk Knatz5014.1893.7841.9863.4832824.1759
10michael cleve5012876.4821.4845.2852.7842.4773.9
11Vee Man4989.3894.8809801.4824.4827.3832.4
12Kai Heinonen4975.9844.1787808.9834.1855.7846.1
13Bence Bánki4911.1832.3802.8851.3857.7857.7709.3
14twmda jthpa4783.1817.7757.5817.4809.9788792.6
15Nikita Shaposhnik4779838.7805.6868848.2726.4692.1
16noel spence4761.9821.3789759.6835801756
17Jochen Mauch4715.7817.6782.6783.8791.9820.8719
18Tim Heinemann4706.4992.1945.8947.9924.8895.8-
19Philip Matzick4669797.6742.9751.6784.3790.7801.9
20Marcos Bermejo4624.4767.3749759785.5791772.6
21Thomas Kinza4607.1844.5744.4703.4740.5746.6827.7
22Marcelo G. Lopez4591.9795.4739.3729.9767.2788772.1
23chrischie crown4584.1753.4734.6754.4769.7768804
24Bjoern Bollmann4581.7788.3759.9780.2798.6763.5691.2
25gourloi maxence4552.2788.7761.9775.4770.2738.9717.1
26Timo Miethe4539.1783.8760.5751.9797.6751.2694.1
27Herman Hebos4485.6810.4703.9739.6772.6745.7713.4
28Tomas Ginovart4460.8759.3721.2736.8744.5711.8787.2
29Thomas Schmidt4400779.6646709.5740.9740.2783.8
30Chris Rombout4391.8761.3707.7744.6732.3741.5704.4
31Javier Gómez4372.6768.7728.3735757.2739.2644.2
32Jonathan Schelstraete4358.7806.4700.4729.4770.9710.8640.8
33Michael Maiwald4315735.5706.2658.4778.4701.1735.4
34Christian Guntrum4304.1791.3699671.7769.2706.6666.3
35Thomas Stempurszki4282.5738.8707.3674.4709.3720.1732.6
36Markus Grevinga4224.2735691.9681.8723.5722670
37erwin van der meulen4222.7734.9669.9735.1668.7671.5742.6
38Brodie Steen4201.6713.7676.6666.9667730.5746.9
39Maximilian Gladbach4196.3752.5720661.5721.1719.8621.4
40Slaven Štulic4190731.1667.3706706.7764.3614.6
41Luca Pellegrini4175.1682.2652.2721.3663.5704.2751.7
42Ralf Arella4133.3779700.1675.6658.1697.4623.1
43Sascha Hetzel4122.2736.2668.6698.7707.3706.4605
44Pete Kipp4113728691.5624.7700.7710.3657.8
45Jason Monds4102.2758.1582663.2725.7701.8671.4
46Martin Hlavna4093.9717.2673.1688.3762.7696.9555.7
47rindle rindle4087.2623.1674.7765.3713.1765.4545.6
48Radek Pawlaczek4062.3714.4627.5673.9727.8675.1643.6
49Christoph JONI4011.2677660702.4726.5686.5558.8
50Joachim Leistner4010.6684.8654.2658.9705731.5576.2
51Markus Mascha3979.6731.6632.5641.8682.4668.9622.4
52Gordon Fließ3968.8739.9679.5652.4670664.3562.7
53Didac Sanchez3955746.8676.4690.5686.9711.3443.1
54Bill Gehts3949.8678.6620.9668.1655.5723.1603.6
55Stefan Hillebrand3945.4708.4627.3700.1715.9636.1557.6
56Stefan Fritsch3930.5691.6663.2650.2674.1693.3558.1
57SVG BIOSPORT3928682.2619.1609.7645.6682.7688.7
58Josef Fuksa3926.2815.9797.2791.8777.4743.9-
59cedric Augier3924.1680.2618.6635676.5705.9607.9
60sefi anti3920.9693.8651.3666.6672.2677.6559.4
61Georges Deurwaerder3919.4796.4645.4702616.7617.7541.2
62Ste Bozzy3916676.3618.9648698.1639.2635.5
63Akos Edl3914.9779.1685710.6649.9646.6443.7
64Christian Machold3872.6660631.8669.3635.5646630
65Andy Drehas3845.7664.3606.8629695.8693.3556.5
66Tom Brandt3820.8616.4610.8674.6691.7640.9586.4
67Alistair Glen3817.5650.7593.3619.1656.4647.6650.4
68Andrew Kudriavtsev3783.4669.6639.1623.2599.7668.1583.7
69Petru-Dan Bandiul3782.8671600.9618.5622.3649.4620.7
70Zoltan Papp3746.1677.1629.6612.4639.8667.1520.1
71Csabi Balogh3737.8674.9622.8583.2683.7625.2548
72Dren Hendy3737.4648.3603644.4664.5608.9568.3
73Sebastian Weiß3712.6672.4609.2589.2659.6648.1534.1
74Tarou Monaca3712.2668.4578.9612.7609.6642.6600
75David Schneiderbauer3708.6610.2550.6623.4633.2629.5661.7
76Manuel Bohlken3698.5684.2587.7629617.8685.8494
77Alain Leduc3685.4691.3572.2616.8632.8694.1478.2
78Peter Lešnik3684.9650.5578.6637.1622.3674.2522.2
79Vlasta Sinor3682.8667.2598.6625659.5640.8491.7
80Lukas Bieber3664.6655.3548.7626.2607.8654.5572.1
81mark rawlins3651.1712.7605.9562.3659.7684.1426.4
82Ludwig Gaisbauer3647.3670.6623.5636.6676.2608.6431.8
83Kevin Hopkins3643.6628.3581.3605628.5668.6531.9
84Bo Dilton3631.6672.7505.5617.6628.8690.4516.6
85Keith Bauer3617.9604.6591.1632.8639.6635.1514.7
86Azmi Nasrullah3616.3729.8538.3529.8582.6589.1646.7
87Michael Breneis3615.6658.1574.2618550650.8564.5
88Psy Laurent3609.6684.9557.3563.1643.6656.7504
89David Zelder3609.1793.1699.9707.3740.8668-
90F J Hölzel3601.4610.3582.9609631.2624.7543.3
91Erik Woltmann3591684.7556.2474.9573.8595.6705.8
92Micha Keiler3589.6632.7490550.2625645.5646.2
93Ivan Vasilev3583.5637.6605.7638.6633.7628.8439.1
94Reodor Felgen3570.8646.8554.3595.6621.9648.1504.1
95Tim Nielsen3563.3625.5609.5620608.7535564.6
96Olivier Pawlicki3547.5761.2712.5671655.5747.3-
97Sascha Wagner3543.2726.4672.7582.9618.1539.5403.6
98Demien Bystritskyi3532.8644.4613.5598593671412.9
99Ricardo Fonseca3526.3640602.5536.6561.2667.5518.5
100Sergio Del Olmo3517.7617.5585.3621.5582.6607.2503.6
620Wilhelm Weirich729.3-729.3----
634Florian Bodin709.9709.9-----
638Marcel Lipp698.9698.9-----
642Christian Lundgaard694.3694.3-----
663Attila Tassi677.2----677.2-
713Gustavo Frigotto637.9637.9-----
1001Timo Schulz472472-----
1140Marius Nakken377.7377.7-----
1400Wolfgang Dringelburg8.68.6-----

Win a trip to Austria for a KTM X-Bow track day!

RaceRoom and KTM are very proud to break new ground, and set you up with the chance to win a unique and exclusive motorsport experience. Win the KTM X-Bow eSport Trophy, and you'll be the guest of KTM in Austria, all expenses paid. Thats a nice trip in itself, but the kicker is that your final destination is Red Bull Ring Spielberg where you will be gifted with a full track day in the awesome KTM X-Bow.

There are very special prizes for the Trophy podium finishers AND for randomly picked entries. You do not have to be the fastest racer out there to walk away with a handsome reward. Participate and get in with a chance.

1. Competition

The KTM eSport Trophy is an international event where your ability to pilot the virtual KTM X-Bow RR in RaceRoom will be tested to the limit. Participating is very simple, winning might prove a very hard task.

There are six rounds, each held on a different track. A new track opens every two weeks, and they all remain open until the competition ends. So you could join up the very last day, do a lap on all six tracks and win the grand prize. This one will not be decided until the absolute final minute of the final day.

Each of the six trophy rounds score points based on your leaderboard position, the higher you are to the top spor, the more points you gain. The points for each of the six rounds are added together, and whoever has the most points at the end of the competition wins.

The KTM X-Bow eSport Trophy will place one of you in a very real and very agressive piece of motorsport machinery, so this eSport Trophy event will be run only in Get Real mode.

2. Eligibility requirements

You must own the KTM X-Bow RR car to participate

The KTM X-Bow eSport Trophy is open to everyone, but to be eligible to win the main track day prize you must be of legal driving age (min. 18 years old) and in possession of a valid driver’s license class “B” or equivalent. If the winner does not meet these requirements, the prize is instead awarded to the highest placed entry in the competition who does meet them. RaceRoom and KTM Sportmotorcycle GmbH reserve the right to make final decisions in any cases where ambiguity may arise, regarding the resolvement of eligibility requirements and redistribution of prizes.

3. Calendar of the KTM X-Bow eSport Trophy

The Competition begin on Wednesday, November 23rd 2016 and ends on Wednesday, February 15th 2017 at 23:59 (MEZ). A new venue is added every two weeks, all venues are open for competition until the end date.

The order of battle is:

Round Track Opening Date
Round 1 Circuit Park Zandvoort opens 23/11 2016, ends 15/02 2017
Round 2 Hungaroring opens 07/12 2016, ends 15/02 2017
Round 3 Lausitzring opens 21/12 2016, ends 15/02 2017
Round 4 Slovakiaring opens 04/01 2017, ends 15/02 2017
Round 5 Red Bull Ring Spielberg opens 18/01 2017, ends 15/02 2017
Round 6 Nürburgring Nordschleife opens 01/02 2017, ends 15/02 2017

4. Winners and prize details.

Place Prize
1st KTM X-Bow Track day (whole day) at Red Bull Ring Spielberg (including travel, accomodation costs)
2nd Visit of a international GT4 race with VIP cards (Paddock, Box-Access) (including travel, accomodation costs)
3rd KTM merchandize goodiebag, value 500 Euro or more.
Random Draw 3 x RaceRoom Premium packs. Own ALL content in RaceRoom pr. February 2017.
Random Draw 3x 1000 vRP. Run wild in the RaceRoom online store

After the competition ends February 15th 2017, the winners of the Trophy prizes will subsequently be notified in writing via E-mail. Winners are required to respond to the notification within a week to verify their acceptance, and agree that their names will be published in press releases, which will then be made public via channels of RaceRoom and KTM. KTM will bear the expenses of the journey, accommodation and other aspects of the track day experience.

A reimbursement of the winnings in cash is not possible.

5. Host of the KTM X-Bow eSport Trophy

KTM Sportmotorcycle GmbH Betriebsgebiet Süd, Stallhofner Straße 3 A-5230 Mattighofen, Austria

6. Data confidentiality statement

The ascertainment and handling of personal Data is carried out according to the Austrian data protection law. Only personal data relevant so as to successfully execute the journey will be gathered and forwarded to partners of the KTM Sportmotorcycle GmbH. Transmission of data to public authorities will only be done in line with statutory protection. The participant expressly agrees to this.

7. Premature ending of the competition

RaceRoom and KTM Sportmotorcycle GmbH has the right to end the competition at any time at own wish. No claims can be asserted out of a premature ending of the competition. RaceRoom and KTM Sportmotorcycle GmbH have the right to exclude one or more participants from the competition in case of any manipulation, attempt to do so or if it has reasonable suspicion.

8. Tie breakers

In case of one or more entries tieing on points at the end of the competition, the final position will then be decided by number of round wins. RaceRoom and KTM Sportmotorcycle GmbH reserve the right to make final decisions in any cases where ambiguity may arise regarding the resolvement of drivers scoring equal points at the end of the competition.

9. Amendments

RaceRoom and KTM Sportmotorcycle GmbH have the right to amend the terms and condition at any time being also effective for future terms. The applicants will be notified accordingly.

10. Exclusion of Rights

Recourse to the courts is not permitted. Within this competition exclusively rights of Austria is applicable. Further, the court of law of the RaceRoom or KTM Sportmotorcycle GmbH is to be used. In case any terms and conditions become void or ineffective or a loophole appears, all other terms and conditions remain intact. Terms and conditions that are void or ineffective or include a loophole will be kept alive with effective content which is nearest to the intention of the void content. The user automatically agrees to the eligibility requirements with the participation in the competition itself.