In the "Porsche Community Legends" challenge you can prove yourself against Porsche factory drivers and well-known sim racing influencers in legendary Porsche motorsport cars

In the big final you'll get the chance to secure amazing Fanatec hardware. If you position yourself in the top 500 of the weekly leaderboard, you'll receive the driven Porsche car for free.

The top 20 of each of the three weekly leaderboards will qualify for a weekly final, which will be live-streamed by Porsche. The top 5 of the weekly finals will qualify for the last event, where Porsche's factory drivers will challenge your driving skills. No matter if you're aiming for valuable Fanatec hardware, free ingame content like the brand new Porsche 911 RSR or a chance to race against real drivers and influencers, there's something for almost anyone. Let's race together!

Read the full sporting regulations here!



P1-P500 – win the car from the leaderboard


P1 - Podium „Porsche wheel 911 GT3R“ & Podium „Wheelbase DD2“ + V3 pedals

P2 - Podium „Porsche wheel 911 GT3R“ & Podium „Wheelbase DD2“

P3 - Podium „Porsche wheel 911 GT3R“ & Podium „Wheelbase DD1“