The new F1 season is all but upon us, so what better way to feed our frenzy than introducing our 2nd Special Event of the year!

As motorsport fans around the world eagerly await lights out in Melbourne, we remove the tyre warmers and roll our own pinnacle car out of the garage to steal the spotlight in the RaceRoom GP!

The 3 litre V10 FR X-17, with 950hp, will be yours to tame as drivers bid to set a time on the Leaderboard that is good enough to qualify for the live-streamed main event on Sunday 29th March.

Supporting will be a GT3 Cup event for those whom FR X may be too hard to handle. The 4 litre flat 6, 485hp Porsche 911 is based on the 7th gen of this sports car icon and will well complement the Formula class.

Shanghai, whose hosting of the 2020 F1 GP has been postponed as a result of the Coronavirus outbreak, will safely stage this virtual event!

In an effort to make our Special Events more accessible to players outside Europe, there will also be a Leaderboard competition & main event to better accommodate the Asia timezone.


All drivers are eligible to enter the LB Qualifying

Improve your position on the LB to boost your chance of being invited to a higher division race

Each class will have its own separate race, per division (see RaceRoom GP schedule)

All drivers who set a LB time will be invited to the main event

LB entrants may only participate in 1 class at the main event

We will aim for a split of 30 drivers per server but the final number will be determined by total entries. Division 1 is confirmed as 30 drivers

Drivers must own the required content to participate in the RaceRoom GP


10/03/20 - 23/03/20 | Leaderboard Qualifying

23/03/20 | Email Invitations

27/03/20 | Gridmail

29/03/20 | RaceRoom GP main event

31/03/20 | Incident review submission deadline at 05:30 GMT



08:00 | FR X-17 Asia Free practice (10m)

08:10 | FR X-17 Asia Qualifying (15m)

08:25 | FR X-17 Asia Race (70m)


17:00 | GT3 Cup Free practice (10m)

17:10 | GT3 Cup Qualifying (15m)

17:25 | GT3 Cup Race 1 (25m)

17:50 | GT3 Cup Race 2 (25m, Reverse grid)

18:20 | FR X-17 Free practice (10m)

18:30 | FR X-17 Qualifying (15m)

18:45 | FR X-17 Race (70m)

All times GMT. All times approximate. please be aware of daylight saving which happens across much of Europe on race day. Click HERE to view the event start time in your time zone for the EU Timezone race.


  • Flags | Visual only
  • Cut rule | Slow Down
  • Damage | Full
  • Mandatory pitstop | Off
  • Wrecker prevention | On
  • Fixed setup | Off
  • Tyres | x1
  • Fuel | x1
  • Time of day | Afternoon
  • Daylight progression | x0

Server Driver Assist Settings

  • Driver Assist Transmission - Free Choice
  • Driver Assist Steer - Forced Off
  • Driver Assist Traction Control - Forced Factory Default
  • Driver Assist Autopit - Free Choice
  • Driver Assist ESP - Forced Off
  • Driver Assist Brake - Forced Factory ABS
  • Driver Assist Raceline - Forced Off


Drivers are free to use any livery at the main event If you enter both the FR X-17 and GT3 Cup competitions, you must specify your desired class on the invitation response form contained in the invitational email


Division 1 of the RaceRoom GP will be streamed LIVE with commentary on our YouTube channel. Link to the broadcast will be revealed here when finalised


Entry for this Special Event is set at 200 VRP. This will entitle all LB entrants an invite to the RaceRoom GP on 29/03/20


All drivers who also take the chequered flag will be entered into a prize draw where 1 driver per server will be chosen at random to win 500 VRP!


Any driver who feels they have been the victim of unfair driving or would like the stewards to look at a particular incident must submit the incident HERE by 05:30 GMT on 31/03/20


All drivers must adhere to the rules as set out in the RaceRoom General Competition Rulebook. Time penalties will be handed out in case of incidents


A practice server for each class will be available in the MP lobby at the conclusion of the LB Qualifying period