Pos.NomPaysTotal PointsManche 1
1Jack Keithley10001000
2Davide Toccaceli988.5988.5
3Patrick Pache987.9987.9
4Tim Jarschel983.3983.3
5Julian Kunze969969
7Adam Pinczes958.2958.2
8Francesco Urrata957.8957.8
9Tiziano Brioni954.5954.5
10Johannes Weiß949.5949.5
11Corentin POINTEAU945.4945.4
12Beau Dixon944.8944.8
13Peter Juenger943.1943.1
14Alessio Ivan Pusceddu937.9937.9
15Mehdi Sekkai935.4935.4
16Christian Garcin932.3932.3
17Mike Stofmeel931.1931.1
18Marvin Otterbach930.4930.4
19Balint Benedek927.3927.3
20Attila Diner925.2925.2
21Davide Bacoccoli922.6922.6
22Caryl Vega922.5922.5
23Lucas Maerz919.6919.6
24Richard Schäfer915.7915.7
25Alexandre Vromant915.1915.1
26Titus Ödell914.3914.3
27Karim Mattea912.7912.7
28Norbert Leitner912.6912.6
29David Kalocsai909.6909.6
30Eric Layes909.4909.4
31Florian Bodin909.3909.3
32Michel Kasperink908.6908.6
33Philip Matzick904.5904.5
34Nikita Shaposhnik900.3900.3
35Martin Barna900.1900.1
36Luca Niederkofler899.6899.6
37Thorsten Ulrich896.8896.8
38Renaud Herbillon896896
39Sascha Gemeinhardt895.4895.4
40Daniel Hebel890.5890.5
41Thomas Binder889889
42Thomas Jantsch889889
43Giacomo Chiappe888.8888.8
44Cyrille Saussey888.2888.2
45Carmine Carpentiero887887
46Slaven Štulic886.9886.9
47Nicolas Hillebrand886.2886.2
48Ruben Piotrowski883.5883.5
49Kostyantyn Romanenko881.7881.7
50Alessio Bernardini879.6879.6
51Valentin Barrier877.7877.7
52Lenny De Jong874.3874.3
53Malte Schneider872.8872.8
54Guglielmo Occhipinti872872
55Christian Stock871.5871.5
56Christophe Verstrepen871.5871.5
58Luca Pellegrini865.6865.6
59William DORSCH863.8863.8
60Marcel Weber863.7863.7
61Antonio Armiento863.6863.6
62Thomas Olivetto861861
63Lars Bergmann860.2860.2
64Oliver Berndt856.2856.2
65chrischie crown855.9855.9
66Mihai Neg854.9854.9
67Nicolas Claes854.4854.4
68Leon Pankock853853
69Mario Fabry852.3852.3
70Florian Wohler848.7848.7
71Dirk Gretschel848.7848.7
72Alexandre Klotz845.9845.9
73Pawel Myslinski842.4842.4
74Carlos Quarati842.3842.3
75Quentin Mottoulle837.8837.8
76Jonas Wanner837.1837.1
77Markus Unkhoff836.2836.2
78Mirco Pompilii836836
79Dominik Gumplmayr835.6835.6
80Rafael Alves834.1834.1
81Ata Atasoy833.9833.9
82Yann Courtois833.7833.7
83Henrik Stålbrand832.5832.5
84Bela Hartmann831.7831.7
85Tobias BT831.3831.3
86Alexandr Nosir829.9829.9
87Wolfgang Teutoring828.2828.2
88Dirk Baedorf827.7827.7
89Jeremy Gonsalves824.4824.4
90Niklas Lynn822.8822.8
91Artyom Kurbatov818.9818.9
92Joe Viglione817.1817.1
93Fabio Theus815.9815.9
94Akihiro Nakao814.6814.6
95Rüdiger Lampe814.4814.4
96Richard Dobsa814.3814.3
97Sergey Skidanov814.3814.3
98Stefan Steindorf814814
99Laurent The Wasp811.7811.7
100Christian Buettner808.3808.3
689luis miguel48.548.5

Tuning World Bodensee cancelled - 4h Endurance Team Challenge cancelled!

Unfortunately, the Tuning World Bodensee has been cancelled, due to the Corona virus. Therefore, our 4 hour race will also be cancelled.

We are very sorry for this, since we were looking forward to a great event, but unfortunately it is out of our control. If you were planning to attend the event, please make sure to cancel your hotel bookings. Hopefully, we messaged you early enough.

Once the world has calmed down again, you can be sure that we will organize another 4h race as a LAN event. For now, make sure to join some of our online competitions, and stay true to RaceRoom!

Team Spirit at the Tuning World Bodensee

It's time for a four hour race around the Nordschleife again - represent your team and win 5000€ cash prizes in the big 4h race on Saturday, May 2nd, 2020 at the Tuning World Bodensee, Friedrichshafen, Germany!

Find all information about the event here!

Read the rulebook here!

24 teams will compete, with 3 drivers each - representing their team on a big stage, in front of a live audience and on a live stream. Be the star of the show in the Endurance Team Challenge, drive an unforgettable endurance race with driver swaps in a very special location and secure the title.

This online qualifier is the first step of the qualification process. You need to set the best laptime you can, here on the leaderboard. The better your laptime is, the more points you achieve.

As the second step, you have to find two teammates, with which you compete in the event. You can find teammates here in the dedicated section in the forum. Also, the RaceRoom team will also assist you to find travelling partners from your country, if you contact us via e-mail at

Take a look in the forum

Once you have found two teammates, you can register your team. There are no costs for registering your team, or for taking part in the event. In addition, you will receive free entry to the Tuning World Bodensee!

This year, there will be an additional trophy for semi-pro and amateur teams! They compete in the older GTR3 cars in the multiplayer race, for unique special prizes!

Register your team here!

A good performance is important, since if more than 24 teams enter, your combined team performance on the leaderboard will decide! Team entries close at April 5th, 20:00 CEST. The entry list will be published on April 9th here, as well as in the forum.~~