Pos.NomPaysTotal PointsManche 1Manche 2Manche 3
1Simon Kovacic2991.91000991.91000
2Cristian Moisescu2966.6990.2992.7983.7
3Michel Kasperink2899.1986.7989.3923.1
4Denis Gicquel2846.1960.2959.2926.7
5Sören Jäger2839.9932.5946.1961.3
6NSH Dedou2830.6963.5972.7894.4
7Robert Hauss2818937.9968.9911.2
8Corentin POINTEAU2804943.3961.1899.6
9Héctor García2788.3950.4961.7876.2
10Alexandre Vromant2787.6975.1966.8845.7
11Dirk Gretschel2784.9924.2944.4916.3
12Thomas Stempurszki2766.9940.2953.9872.8
13Caryl Vega2759.1922.9934.1902.1
14Johannes Weiß2711.7935.4943.5832.8
15Philip Matzick2705.8938.3905.9861.6
16Jens Fiedler2685.3889.3932.2863.8
17Dariusz Wielgosz2658.1889.3908.1860.7
18Bastian Zenefels2657.6905.7903.1848.8
19Sascha Gemeinhardt2657.2933884.7839.5
20Gerasimos Cassel2645.5867.6891.5886.4
21Jochen Mauch2627.7868.8912.1846.8
22Carmine Carpentiero2609.2866.7902.7839.8
23Christian Andreas Franz2603.1877.9882.4842.8
24Niels Baltus2602.9836.6866.3900
25Daniel Stremair2601.8808.9905.9887
26Luca Pellegrini2546.9793.5849.5903.9
27Bo Dilton2533.4854.7883.4795.3
28Martin Barna2515.9843.8858.7813.4
29Pablo De Stefanis2514.3830.8884.8798.7
30Mirco Pompilii2508.8821.8824.2862.8
31Daniel Fredriksson2504.1838.3856.2809.6
32Petr Daniel2503.8820.9839.7843.2
33Benjamin Brandenstein2500.2825.2813.8861.2
34Niklas Schneider2500.1841843.1816
35chrischie crown2497.3830.6845.1821.6
36Brodie Steen2470.6831.7840.4798.5
37Valentin Barrier2455803.6848.5802.9
38Oliver Berndt2435.5825.6820.8789.1
39Cyrille Saussey2432.3740.4937.9754
40Geoffroy Tamietto2414.3804.5819.3790.5
41Matt Webb2414.3848.9801.2764.2
42Rico Radloff2414805.6858.6749.8
43Thomas olsen2413.9808.8832.7772.4
44Capt Booz2399.5838.1830.5730.9
45Dominik Bak2393.6798.4793.7801.5
46Christian Born2388.6886.3741.5760.8
47Nicolas Schnabel2385.1845.1840.7699.3
48KO Sletten2381795.3806.1779.6
49Alex Steinhauer2379801.4809768.6
50Andreas Knapp2371761808.8801.2
51Chris Goth2364.7817.3762785.4
52Celes Sánchez2364.3774809.3781
53Jens Michel2362.9817.9814.1730.9
54Beau Dixon2362.9638.6858.5865.8
55Richard Dobsa2360.1751.1825.9783.1
56Sven Henschel2355.6780.2810.2765.2
57Janecskó Adrián2348.7747.5801.4799.8
58Oli Krauss2346.1800822.8723.3
59Jan Philip Boßmann2345.3775836.8733.5
60Florian Fagot2336778.1805.4752.5
61Hervé Fraiture2328.9744.9812.5771.5
62Dusko Avramovski2325.9788.5783.6753.8
63Stefan Fritsch2316.9801.1748.1767.7
64PATRICK-F LEVEQUE2297.8760.9757.9779
65Joachim Leistner2294.6774.8747.8772
66Tobias BT2293.9765.4766.9761.6
67Julien Pallarès2290.2783.8830.6675.8
68Eric Fogelström2288.2766.6784.3737.3
69JP Miranda2285.4767.5788.8729.1
70Marcel Wijnandts2281.3776761.2744.1
71Jerrit Will2278.2756.6760.6761
72Leonard Cachola2276.2763.9765.7746.6
73Jan Schwarze2273.3746.8771.6754.9
74Dennis Franke2271.7723.4791.7756.6
75Pekka Kelahaara2257.9767.7755.4734.8
76Alex MIREA2256.6887.7727.9641
77Patrick Flims2252.6699.6793.8759.2
78Anders Nordqvist2252.3745.7773.8732.8
79ben williams2246.8753.4760.3733.1
80Marvin Elliott2241.4757.5802.3681.6
81Vincent Brouhez2241758.2763.3719.5
82Ville Kreivi2239.5701.9825.5712.1
83Yevgeny Lazorenko2232.8743.9746.7742.2
84Patrick Geven2231.7726.5781.7723.5
85Jan Ambroz_CZ2225.2746.8762716.4
86Marcel Heck/ATW2219.1763.5795.2660.4
87Philipp Opitz2216.1746.1756.9713.1
88Peter Juenger2215.3771.5883.3560.5
89Lars Bergmann2209.8750.2795.3664.3
90Hans-Jürgen Schmidt2207.6761697.5749.1
91Jaro Olejar2205.6730.5742.9732.2
92Max Simons2205.1720.1691.1793.9
93Stefan Steindorf2204.2719.6765.9718.7
94Takahiro Yoshinaga2198765.2759.1673.7
95Tommaso Merlino2194.7709.8787.4697.5
96Jakub Sluka2186.3745.7752.2688.4
97steve balzeski2180.8599.4776.3805.1
98Joao Marques2179.1698.1737.6743.4
99Erik Woltmann2173.1745.1744.5683.5
100Henryk Fleischer2170.1718.8753.4697.9
352Tim Heinemann980.1980.1--
605Brian Delmote6.96.9--

Are you the fastest on the BILSTER BERG?

Compete in three cars, the Tatuus F4, the Audi TT RS Cup and the BMW M235i Racing Cup, on the full layout of the BILSTER BERG and compete for a chance to drive the track in reality.

You can score points on each of the three leaderboards - only your best time counts! The fastest driver on each leaderboard collects 1000 points, with the following drivers scoring depending on the gap to the leader. The driver with the most points overall at the end of the competition will win a RaceTrack training at BILSTER BERG, in his own car, with a professional instructor! Travel and accomodation has to be paid by the winner. In addition, we give away 3x10 000 vRP for a randomly drawn winner, once in each competition! You have to own the track in order to participate, but the cars are free to play for the duration of the competition!

Start your engines and conquer the BILSTER BERG!

Conditions of entry for the BILSTER BERG BATTLE:

1. Competition

The BILSTER BERG BATTLE is a virtual racing competition, taking place on the Steam-based “RaceRoom Racing Experience” racing simulation. It consists of three leaderboard competitions (time attack mode) held online, and an overall leaderboard championship (points standing) which starts on the 21st of October 2019 and ends on the 11th of November 2019 at 15:00 CET.

In case of questions, staff can be contacted at

2. Conditions of entry

The winner has to be at least 18 years old, hold a drivers license which is accepted in Germany, and have his own race car. If the fastest driver does not fulfill these criteria, the prize will go for the second placed driver of the leaderboard standings.

3. Organiser:

RaceRoom Entertainment GmbH, Aspachweg 14, 74427 Fichtenberg, Germany

4. Prizes

The winner will win a RaceTrack training at BILSTER BERG, in his own car, with a professional instructor! Travel and accomodation has to be paid by the winner.

On each leaderboard, we will randomly draw a winner from all participants who wins 10 000 vRP.

Winners will be informed via e-mail up to 4 weeks after the conclusion of the competition.

5. Leaderboard Settings

Difficulty: Free choice

Fuel Usage: Off

Tyre Wear: Off

Mechanical Damage: Off

Damage: Off

Fixed Setups: Yes

Cut Rules Penalties: In-Game

Automatic Clutch: Allowed

Automatic Gears: Allowed

Game time: Noon

Weather: Good

The track limits are set according to the RaceRoom ingame rules, but in the case of a driver skipping entire corners or sections of the track, RaceRoom Entertainment GmbH reserves the right to disqualify the player.

6. Declaration of Consent

The winners agree that their names will be announced in a press release published through the channels of BILSTER BERG and RaceRoom Entertainment GmbH.

7. Data Privacy

All personal data is collected and processed in accordance with the statutory provisions governing data protection in Germany. Only the personal data that is required to handle the competition and prize is collected and forwarded onto partners of RaceRoom Entertainment GmbH. All employees and partners of RaceRoom Entertainment GmbH are obliged by RaceRoom Entertainment GmbH to maintain data secrecy. Data is only transferred to state agencies or authorities within the framework of legal regulations. The participant agrees to this. The data is deleted after the competition has been carried out.

8. Premature Termination of the Competition

RaceRoom Entertainment GmbH has the right to terminate or cancel the Competition at its discretion at any time. No claims can be derived from any premature termination.

RaceRoom Entertainment GmbH has the right to exclude one or more participants from taking part in the competition in the event of any manipulations or attempted or suspected manipulation.

9. Changes

RaceRoom Entertainment GmbH explicitly reserves the right to amend or modify these conditions at any time, with effect for the future. The competitors shall be notified about this at a suitable point.

10. Disclaimer of liability

Except in the case of gross negligence and intent, RaceRoom Entertainment GmbH shall not be liable for damages, losses or impairments resulting from the fact that the participant's ability to participate in this promotion is restricted or prevented. RaceRoom Entertainment GmbH shall also only be liable for damages, losses or impairments resulting from the participation in this action, acceptance or use of the profit in the event of gross negligence and intent. The liability for damages resulting from injury to life, limb, health or essential contractual obligations and in accordance with the Product Liability Act remains unaffected by the above limitations and exclusions of liability.

11. Disclaimer/ Jurisdiction/ Severability clause

Recourse to the courts is not permitted. The law of the Federal Republic of Germany applies exclusively. In the event of a dispute, RaceRoom's registered office is the place of jurisdiction. If any of the abovementioned provisions in these conditions of entry should be ineffective or contain a loophole, the other provisions shall remain unaffected by this. Ineffective or incomplete provisions shall be maintained with effective content which comes as close as possible to reflecting the sense of the ineffective content.

By participating, the user automatically accepts the conditions of entry.