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The dream of becoming a real race driver: Sitting behind the wheel of a race car, fighting for positions, wins and championships and feeling the adrenaline. Man versus man, car versus car. But because of the high costs and hurdles in motorsports, it remains a dream for most racing fans and simracers.

But now, your dream of becoming a real racing driver can become a reality! We are looking for 5 drivers in the German Team Championship (GTC) for Schnitzelalm Racing. This competition is for female simracers only! Take part in the Hockenheim time attack, and register additionally by sending an e-mail to, if you are a female racer and want to make the step into real racing! Either qualify for the bootcamp directly, where your simracing skills, fitness and mental strength will be tested (Multiplayer Standings P1-P3), or receive a 2nd chance in the Joker Challenge at the Essen Motor Show (Multiplayer Standings P4-P9). You need to be 16 years of age on 01.02.2020 and be in possession of a legal driving license. You do NOT need to have a racing license. The car is free to drive in the competition, you need to own the track. Read the full regulations - click here!

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Super Racer - #2
Grand Prix
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  • #1 Franz Christian Andreas
    Lap time:1m 45.963s
    Joined: 10-03-2013
    Car: Porsche Cayman GT4 CS MR
  • #2 Tim Heinemann
  • #3 Adam Pinczes
Car: Super Racer - #2
Class: GTR 4
Track: Hockenheimring
Layout: Grand Prix