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eSports WTCC - Round 01/10

eSports World Touring Car Championship

We are looking for the best virtual Touring Car drivers to prove their skills in Time Attacks and Multiplayer Races. The best drivers will be rewarded with tickets for the Final Event, where you will compete for cash prizes in the ultimate showdown! The Multiplayer Races of the top divisions will be broadcasted LIVE on the WTCC YouTube channel! .

For further information regarding details, rules, regulations, times and specifics, please read the official Championship online manual which is always kept up to date.



You have to enter your real name in your RaceRoom ingame account in order to participate. Fake names or names with clan tags are not allowed and if you use them, you will not be invited to the online multiplayer races and you are not eligible for prizes. Multiple accounts and ban evasion are not allowed and will result in a permanent exclusion from all RaceRoom events.


As long as you have read and agreed to the rules of this rulebook, and there are no outstanding bans, you are allowed to enter the championship. RaceRoom staff has the right to deny any entries without giving reasons.

Entry fees

The entry into the hotlap competitions is completely free.

Entry process

You need to have RaceRoom Racing Experience installed on your computer in order to participate. You do not have to purchase any content and you also do not have to sign up on a forum. All you have to do is to launch your game and go to Competitions. There you can pick the respective leaderboard competition.

Reading and understanding the rules

Every driver participating in any event of the eSports WTCC is agreeing to having understood the rules, and is agreeing to obeying to the rules. By entering, you are bound to the rules. Failure to understand the rules is not an excuse. If you have questions about certain rules, ask the staff via e-Mail or in the forums here: https://forum.sector3studios.com/index.php?threads/esports-wtcc-questions.7652/

General Behaviour

Every driver participating in any event of the eSports WTCC must always show good behaviour. Any discriminatory or offending actions, words, posts or contents are forbidden and can lead to permanent exclusion of the events.

Cheating and usage of external software

It is not allowed to use external programs or data that alter the functions of the simulation in order to gain a competitive advantage. Drivers caught cheating in any part of the championship will be excluded from all parts of the eSports WTCC

Qualifying for the Online Multiplayer Race

The first 24 drivers of the leaderboard will qualify for the Division 1 race and will be invited via eMail. If drivers cannot attend or do not respond, the grid will be filled up once with the drivers placed 25 and below. If these drivers also cannot attend, the grid will not be filled up. For Division 2, 3 and 4, the same principle is being used, only that Division 2 starts at 102% of the overall best time, Division 3 at 104% and Division 4 at 106%. This is done in order to provide an oppurtunity for new and less experienced drivers to participate in eSports WTCC events too, driving against other drivers with similar skill levels. The percentages for Division 2, 3 and 4 are not fixed throughout the season and can be changed during the season by the Staff. The split between the respective divisions is being displayed on the leaderboard itself. For a more detailed description, see section 12.4 of the rulebook.

Track boundaries

The track boundaries are whatever is defined as legal by the automated cut-track detection of RaceRoom. When you exceed the track boundaries, you will see a warning on your screen and your time will automatically be disallowed. Abusing bugs in the track cut detection, such as (but not limited to) skipping entire corners or sectors is forbidden. Laptimes achieved on this way will be deleted.


The following cars are eligible as choices:

  • Chevrolet RML Cruze TC1
  • Citroen C-Elysée WTCC
  • Honda Civic WTCC
  • LADA Vesta WTCC
  • Volvo S60 Polestar TC1


For the beginning of the season, we will use the WTCC 2016 carpack. During the season, we will switch to the WTCC 2017, depending on availabilty. You can use multiple cars and liveries for each round of the leaderboard competition. There are no restrictions. It also has no influence on which car you drive in the Online Multiplayer Races.

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RaceRoom Esports
Monza Circuit
Grand Prix
Top 10 drivers for this leaderboard
  • #1 Juan Manuel Gomez
    Lap time:1m 49.624s
    Joined: 03-12-2016
    Car: Honda Civic eSports
  • #2 Alexander Dornieden
  • #3 Tim Heinemann
Class: RaceRoom Esports
Track: Monza Circuit
Layout: Grand Prix