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RaceRoom GP Silverstone - FRX

Special Events are easing out of lockdown as we rev up for another Grand Prix spectacular!

The dishevelled 2020 F1 season has finally got underway and as we move towards the British rounds, what better way to rejoice than present the RaceRoom GP Silverstone!

Taking centre stage could be no other than our pinnacle car, the FR X-17, with its screaming 950HP V10 engine. Marvel as the car comes alive through the corners of Copse, Maggots, Becketts, Stowe & Abbey and leaves an overwhelming feeling of astonishment as the car continues to grip the faster you go!

Supporting the FR X-17 will be the ‘tame by comparison’, FR 3 cars which give drivers that moment longer to react and where the margin for error isn’t so small. This high-performance car is no slouch though and pilots will be well rewarded for their precision and racecraft.

Do you have what it takes to be the quickest at the ‘Home of British Motor Racing’?

Then buckle up, we’re going racing!!

Competition Overview

RaceRoom GP Silverstone will consist of 2 leaderboard (LB) competitions (FR X-17 & FR 3) which will run from 20/07/20 to 02/08/20, culminating in the main event which will be held on 7th August.

All LB entrants will be eligible for the main event which will be split over multiple divisions, depending on the number of entrants. Improve your LB time to increase your chance of being invited to a higher division race.

The Division 1 race of each class will be broadcast LIVE on our YouTube channel, with commentary!

Competition Information

All drivers who have valid accounts on game.raceroom.com are eligible to enter this competition.

Entry for this competition is 199 VRP, which entitles all entrants an invite to the main event on 07/08/20. We will open as many servers as necessary so that everyone can drive a race.

Drivers may enter 1, or both LB competitions.

Drivers may only participate in 1 class at the main event.

We will aim for a split of 30 drivers per division but the final number will be determined by total entries. Division 1 is confirmed at 30 drivers.

Drivers must own the required content to participate in the competition. `

Competition Schedule

20/07/20 - 02/08/20 | Leaderboard Qualifying

03/08/20 | Email Invitations

05/08/20 | Gridmail

07/08/20 | RaceRoom GP Silverstone main event

09/08/20 | Incident review submission deadline at 07:00 CEST

RaceRoom GP Silverstone Main Event Schedule

18:30 | FR 3 Free practice (40m) and FR X-17 Free practice (100m)


19:10 | FR 3 Qualifying (10m)

19:20 | FR 3 Race 1 (20m)

19:40 | FR 3 Race 2 (20m, Top 10 reverse grid)

20:10 | FR X-17 Qualifying (10m)

20:20 | FR X-17 Race (70m)

All times CEST. All times approximate. Click HERE to view the event start time in your time zone.

Race Server Setup

Flags | Visual only

Cut rule | Slow Down

Damage | Full

Mandatory pitstop | Off

Wrecker prevention | On

Fixed setup | Off

Tyres | x1

Fuel | x2 for FR X-17; x1 for FR3

Time of day | Afternoon

Daylight progression | x0

Server Driver Assist Settings

Driver Assist Transmission - Free Choice

Driver Assist Steer - Forced Off

Driver Assist Traction Control - Forced Factory Default

Driver Assist Autopit - Free Choice

Driver Assist ESP - Forced Off

Driver Assist Brake - Forced Factory ABS

Driver Assist Raceline - Forced Off


Drivers are free to use any livery at the main event If you enter both the FR X-17 and FR 3 competitions, you must specify your desired class on the invitation response form contained in the invitational email


Division 1 of the RaceRoom GP will be streamed LIVE with commentary on our YouTube channel HERE!


All drivers who take the chequered flag will be entered into a prize draw where 1 driver (per division) will be chosen at random to win 500 VRP!

Incident Submission

Any driver who feels they have been the victim of unfair driving or would like the stewards to look at a particular incident must submit the incident HERE by 07:00 CEST on 09/08/20. Link to follow.


All drivers must adhere to the rules as set out in the RaceRoom General Competition Rulebook. Time penalties will be handed out in case of incidents

Practice Server

A practice server for each class will be available in the MP lobby at the conclusion of the LB Qualifying period

Summary information
FR X-17 Cup
Hanergy - #3
Silverstone Circuit
Grand Prix
Top 10 drivers for this leaderboard
  • #1 Michael Stephen
    Lap time:1m 26.000s
    Joined: 13-10-2019
    Car: Formula Raceroom X-17
  • #2 Michel Kasperink
  • #3 Adrian Scholtyssek
Car: Hanergy - #3
Class: FR X-17 Cup
Track: Silverstone Circuit
Layout: Grand Prix