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Eracing GP – Am Class R1 Chang

The Eracing GP – Global Edition is a part invitational race series where the best drivers from around the world are invited to race with the best drivers within the Asia Pacific region.

This is the am qualifier (GT4 class) for the race on Saturday, 28. March - only for C and D license drivers!

Asia Pacific Championship

It will be a six round championship that will be held every Saturday starting with March 28th to May 2nd. The timing will be from 3pm KL/HK time to 9pm KL/HK time and will include two classes – Pro and Am

It will run within the Eracing GP – Global Edition where the best drivers from around the world will be invited to participate. However, drivers will have to be from Asia Pacific or based in the Asia Pacific region to qualify for the Championship.

Driver will have to qualify each weekend for the next race through the RaceRoom leader board.

Each round will constitute of a previously unraced circuit and will be balloted a week before hand from a shortlist of four racetracks to be decided beforehand.

Asia Pacific Championship - Am Class (GT4 drivers)

Car: GT4 cars – drivers must use the same car and livery throughout the six round championship. They will be allowed a joker to change their selected car once. However there will be a cost of two points to activate the joker. The two points will be deducted at the next round and will not be carried forward.

Selection: Top 24 drivers with C or D licence from the ERGP GT4 RaceRoom leader board. Please note that ERGP reserves the right to exclude drivers who may be too experienced for the AM class regardless of what licence they hold. ERGP Also reserves the right to change selection and format depending on demand.

Format: Two races per round with qualifying for both races.

Prizes: Will be announced at a later stage.


1500 Start GT4 drivers (24 drivers, 2 races. No reverse grid race)

1545 End GT4 drivers

All times KL/HK time.

The RaceRoom Leader board will be closed at 8pm on the Thursday of race week. Drivers selected will be informed of selection on that night.

On Friday of race week, the servers will be open from 5pm to 7pm for practice. There will also be a driver briefing held on Zoom just after practice.

Setup is fixed although drivers can choose how much fuel to use in qualifying and race.

Driving standards will be monitored. Drivers can appeal by sending in videos for review but can only appeal once every three race weekends.

The races will be live streamed here!

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Chang International Circuit
Full Circuit
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  • #1 Joshua Evans
    Lap time:1m 43.834s
    Joined: 25-01-2019
    Car: BMW M4 GT4
  • #2 How ShengYuan
  • #3 Jon Flinn
Class: GTR 4
Track: Chang International Circuit
Layout: Full Circuit