Current Rounds
Last time updated: 4 minutes agoStandings
Pos.NameCountryTotal PointsRound 1Round 2Round 3
1Tim Heinemann19941000994-
2Daniel Fredriksson1990.4990.41000-
3Nikodem Wisniewski1981988.1992.9-
4Julian Kunze1978.9986.2992.7-
5Néstor García1971.3982.8988.5-
6Elisson Flauzino1964.2978.9985.3-
7Miguel Ballester1946.5972.9973.6-
8Adrián López Leites1943.3968.6974.7-
9Robin Fredriksson1943.2966.8976.4-
10Jack Keithley1937.3970.9966.4-
11Marc Maneu1935.7970.8964.9-
12Gergo Baldi1918.8976.7942.1-
13Mark Balazsin1908.1958.6949.5-
14Alexandr Nosir1906.4949.8956.6-
15Mark Nandori1905.3963.3942-
16Gaetan Goarant1902.6945.1957.5-
17Thomas Stempurszki1897.2952.4944.8-
18Christophe Fuchs Team GTR3-Fr1881.7931.8949.9-
19Olivier Pawlicki1881.4961.1920.3-
20Dirk Knatz1874.1945.1929-
21Kévin Leaune1874981893-
22Alexandre Vromant1864.4961.2903.2-
23Enrique Marcos Martín1864.2937.7926.5-
24Cyril Cherry1861.7949912.7-
25Adam Pinczes1860.7963.4897.3-
26Celes Sánchez1860.2943.8916.4-
27Attila Dencs1854.4923.4931-
28Wilhelm Weirich1851.7979.3872.4-
29Ignacio Salas Lanza1849.9942.6907.3-
30Jochen Mauch1849.6932.7916.9-
31Zsolt Horvath1849.2909.9939.3-
32Corentin POINTEAU1849.1936.1913-
33Gianluca Ballardini1848.4935.8912.6-
34Robert Horvath1843.4947.4896-
35Joaquin Rossi silva1839.2937902.2-
36Diego Lisaso1837.3923.7913.6-
37Daniel Miranda1834.7926.1908.6-
38King Pui Li1833.9929.2904.7-
39Aday Coba López1830.2924.7905.5-
40FJ Gomez Castilla1825.6925.8899.8-
41Tim Jarschel1824.6931.5893.1-
42Eric Sotgiu1822.1971.6850.5-
43Florian Hasse1821.1931.5889.6-
44Ivan San Jose Hierro1820.6921.1899.5-
45Guyon Branten1817.3931.6885.7-
46Tamas Tenke1816.8926.8890-
47Lukáš Buron1809.2924.5884.7-
48Balazs Osz1803.3936.1867.2-
49Bernd Wipp1797.1901.5895.6-
50Peter Ingold1796.9907889.9-
51Kimo Simracing1796917.2878.8-
52Sergey Mukimov1793907886-
53Nick Short1790.9883.8907.1-
54Mr Reno1783.2909.2874-
55Attila Szocs1779.8913.3866.5-
56Adie Terry1772.4892.3880.1-
57Tiago Mendes1769.8927.6842.2-
58Krisztian Juhasz1768.9889.1879.8-
59jeffrey Kruger1768.3922.7845.6-
60Sascha Gemeinhardt1762.9900.9862-
61Sandor Kenez1760.7902.5858.2-
62Martin Barna1758.6895.3863.3-
63Alex MIREA1755.6887.6868-
64Tobias Johansson1750.5876.1874.4-
65Vlad Tanasescu1745.7860.2885.5-
66armando m gonzalez1740.1901.8838.3-
67Bjoern Bollmann1736.5869867.5-
68Fran Machuca1732.9854.2878.7-
69Tobias Schneider1726.3879.5846.8-
70André Melo1725.7903822.7-
71Frank van Roon1723.1892.8830.3-
72Gaetano Cantarella1716.1877.1839-
73Georges Deurwaerder1715.4877.3838.1-
74Pedro Ágoas1709.4873.8835.6-
75Srankó Zsolt1706.2872.3833.9-
76Javier Velo Martinez1701.4889.9811.5-
77umberto pellegrini1698.5882.7815.8-
78Richard Kasler1695.7841.3854.4-
79José Francisco González González1691.9892799.9-
80Harald Ofenheusle1688.9859.2829.7-
81Szabo Zoltan1688.6861.5827.1-
82Lukáš Opatovský1687.2857830.2-
83Pedro Figueiras1685.7862.8822.9-
84Matvey Kozlov1684.4872.4812-
85Sergey Konorev1682.8834.8848-
86Emanuele Marra1680.3865.6814.7-
87Kai Sutter1677.6785.8891.8-
88Dorian Lelievre1676.7860.1816.6-
89Szilveszter Szoboszlai1676.6831.1845.5-
90Jozsef Nagy1676857.9818.1-
91David Nemcek1674.5829.2845.3-
92Alexander Teeuwen1673851.1821.9-
93Jonas Hillert1671.9816.6855.3-
94Adam Sipos1668.2859.2809-
95Joachim Leistner1668.2862.1806.1-
96Attila Hugyecz1666.6889.1777.5-
97Philippe Leaune1664887.7776.3-
98BR Moine1655.8865.4790.4-
99Jacques Richard1653834.1818.9-
100Mark Voltaire Elman1652.8833.7819.1-
164Jan Zgravcak1419.5624.4795.1-
230Gustavo Frigotto967.5967.5--
265Marcel Lipp935.8935.8--
297Gabor Weber916.6916.6--
373Alex Fontana880.1880.1--
385Luke Wankmüller876.5876.5--
1687Riccardo Carotenuto3.43.4--

Eurosport Events, RaceRoom and Sector3 Studios are happy to announce that they continue their partnership, and that the FIA WTCR 2018 will come to RaceRoom along with a huge Esports WTCR campaign, in cooperation with the Nürburgring and KW Suspensions.

It all kicks off in the ring°arena at the Nürburgring with the Launch Event. Qualifiers will be held on-site on May 10th and 11th, where all gamers and simracers are invited to push the WTCR cars to the limit, beat the real WTCR drivers and qualify for the races on May 12th, which will be broadcasted live online. For spectators, entry is free at the venue. A large amount of drivers will have the opportunity of competing against similarly skilled drivers and winning their share of the 25.000€ prize pool, due to the division model and a big prize split, where over 80 drivers will receive prize money. Find all information about the event here!

Do you want to get a first taste of WTCR in RaceRoom? Are you ready to start practicing for the event? You can drive the first car, the Audi RS 3 LMS TCR, right now! More news and updates on the cooperation and the event will follow on the upcoming days.